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Mass Tort Litigation

Mr. Dunbar and his partner, David S. Sabih, represented more injured California women than any other law firm against the manufacturer of the defective intrauterine device, the Dalkon Shield. Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Sabih represented well over 2,500 injured women.

Mr. Sabih was appointed to the Plaintiffs' Management Committee relative to the coordinated Federal proceeding.

Through Mr. Dunbar's experience and involvement with Dalkon Shield Litigation, he developed relationships with a number of national law firms who have continued to represent injured people who have been harmed by dangerous products, including prescription medications.

With the formation of these alliances with national law firms, Mr. Dunbar has allowed himself to be on equal footing, from a manpower and financial standpoint, with the manufacturers of these dangerous products and dangerous drugs.

Mr. Dunbar has extensively represented injured people, on an individual basis, who have been harmed by dangerous products. These dangerous products include diet drugs, breast implants, lead paint, Sulzer hip prosthesis, Baycol, defective automobiles and defective tires.

Despite representing large numbers of clients in these actions, the quality of the representation has not been compromised. Listed below is an except from a Loyola Law Review article authored by Carrie Menkel-Meadow, a Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center and UCLA School of Law.

"For those claimants who were represented, mass tort hearings presented another kind of problem: that of the repeat-player lawyer. Of the many cases I heard in several cities, there were two of three lawyers who handled the bulk of the cases. In general the repeat-player lawyers were better prepared, knew how to develop their cases, and ironically seemed to have better relations with their clients. This was perhaps because offices specializing in such matters had developed a routine for client notification, counseling, and witness preparation. I especially would like to single out Daniel W. Dunbar, a 1981 graduate of Loyola of Los Angeles Law School, for consistently excellent advocacy and for demonstrating good relations with clients."

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