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Torrance Personal Injury Attorney

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Torrance Personal Injury Lawyer

At the Law Office of Daniel W. Dunbar, we focus on the following areas of our personal injury practice:

  • Auto Accidents - After your initial consultation with founder Daniel Dunbar, he will start his fact-finding by visiting the scene of the crash. He gets a feel for the events of the accident and secures necessary police reports, 911 tapes, evidence and witness accounts.
  • Motorcycle Accidents - At the Law Office of Daniel W. Dunbar, we advocate for motorcyclists suffering from the physical pain and emotional trauma following an accident. Daniel Dunbar hires accident reconstructionists to get an in-depth account of how the tragic crash occurred.

For legal representation focused on your needs, contact us at 310-910-9215 or toll free at 866-959-2183.

  • Off Road Vehicle Accidents - Crashes involving ATV and recreational vehicles are complex legal matters that require an experienced personal injury attorney. From identifying dangerous conditions and sources of insurance, we attend to every detail and fight to maximize compensation.
  • Boating Accidents - We represent clients injured in not only recreational boat crashes involving negligence and drinking, but also cruise ship accidents. Filing claims against major cruise lines require a knowledge of California statutes and the limits established in writing on the cruise ticket.
  • Bicycle Accidents - When a car strikes a bicyclist, serious and life-threatening injuries occur. We investigate the accident to identify where negligence played a role, including inattentive drivers and bike manufacturers.
  • Pedestrian Accidents - Visiting the scene of a pedestrian accident is vital. While car drivers often blame the person walking, we are able to prove that inattentiveness and outright negligence resulted in catastrophic injuries.
  • Premises Liability - The complexity of slip-and-fall cases forces some personal injury lawyers to shy away from these claims. Our founder aggressively fights for the rights of those injured on company premises.
  • Products Liability - Daniel Dunbar has earned a reputation for success in filing mass tort claims against manufacturers. He brings that experience to evening the odds against individual consumers injured by defective products.
  • Dog Bite Claims - Civil statutes dictate that when a dog bites you, the owner is liable. Injuries go beyond physical injuries and scarring. Oftentimes, a victim is left with a fear of dogs.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced South Bay personal injury lawyer, please contact us.

Phone: 310-910-9215
Toll Free: 866-959-2183
Fax: 310-792-0658

Law Office of Daniel W. Dunbar
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Phone: 310-910-9215
Toll Free: 866-959-2183
Fax: 310-792-0658

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