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Torrance Product Liability Lawyer

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Torrance Product Liability Attorney

Daniel Dunbar has represented clients in mass tort claims involving product liability. He brings that experience to helping Southern California residents injured because of a design or manufacturing defect.

The founder of the Law Office of Daniel W. Dunbar has a track record of success in handling complex product liability claims. Mr. Dunbar's efficiency and effectiveness has also resulted in peer recognition, including an AV-rating from Martindale Hubbell and Southern California Super Lawyer designation by Los Angeles Magazine (2007 to 2011).

If a defective product has caused you injury or resulted in the death of a loved one, contact us at 310-910-9215 or toll free at 866-959-2183.

Redondo Beach Defective Product Attorney

According to California law, a product that fails to perform as a reasonable consumer would expect is the responsibility of the defendant in a product liability claim. In his prior practice of mass torts, Mr. Dunbar represented clients injured by defective IUDs, breast implants, diet drugs, rehabilitation machines and other medical device defect claims. Personal injury cases of this nature are both complicated and expensive, leading to many peer attorneys referring their product liability clients to Mr. Dunbar.

Daniel Dunbar and his staff commit all of their resources to seeking justice on your behalf. The firm works with experts to analyze the product and identify where negligence occurred. The firm attends to every detail and fight for the best resolution. While many cases settle, the firm will not hesitate to take your claim into the courtroom.

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Phone: 310-910-9215
Toll Free: 866-959-2183
Fax: 310-792-0658

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