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Trial Results

Mr. Dunbar has tried, to verdict, multiple jury trials, including cases involving defective medical devices, legal malpractice, automobile accidents, dog bites, air crashes, assaults, and cases involving dangerous premises.

Many of the cases taken to trial were cases wherein no settlement offers were made. By having a reputation of being fully prepared to try all cases, and having adequate resources to fund those cases, significant results have been achieved. A sample of those cases are as follows:

  • Dalkon Shield Litigation

Achieved settlements on behalf of injured women that exceeded $20 Million as a result of their use of this defective intrauterine device. Injuries included infertility, unnecessary hysterectomies, pelvic infections and excessive menstrual bleeding.

  • Diet Drug Litigation

Represented individuals who ingested the diet drugs fenfluramine (Pondimin) and/or dexfenfluramine (Redux), both of which were components of the diet drug combination known as "Fen-Phen". Achieved settlements that exceeded $8 Million outside of the National Class Action.

  • Breast Implant Litigation

Achieved settlements in excess of $12 Million, outside of the National Class Action on behalf of silicone breast implant recipients. Represented approximately 100 women in the Class Action Settlement - MDL-926.

  • Automobile vs. Pedestrian (wheelchair)

Injury claim brought by quadriplegic who was struck by a vehicle being driven by a city employee. Client suffered a fractured femur, torn rotator cuff and multiple complications from those injuries. Case resolved for $3.5 million. 1/2011 LASC Case No. BC402853.

  • Automobile vs. Trash Truck

Wrongful death claim brought by widow and adult children against trash truck company ($1,210,000.00 "net" jury verdict - 12/2005 LASC, Southeast District; $250,000.00 pre-trial offer).

  • Automobile vs. Pedestrian

Client suffered loss of leg when struck by automobile. Automobile driver plead no contest to specific intent crime. Insurance carrier initially denied coverage due to intentional act exclusion in policy. (Confidential seven figure settlement - 11/2008).

  • Product Liability

Client suffered serious injuries when his motor vehicle experienced an unexpected, increase in acceleration ($1.4 Million Settlement/$2.7 Verdict).

  • Product Liability

Client suffered chronic chemical bronchitis as a result of an acute exposure to Formaldehyde in an embalming fluid product ($495,000.00 jury verdict; no pre-verdict settlement offers; Crandall vs. Diamond C Products).

  • Automobile vs. Pedestrian

Wrongful death action arising when decedent was struck by an automobile while attempting to cross the street following the breakdown of her automobile ($960,000.00 jury verdict; no pre-verdict settlement offers; LASC, Southwest District).

  • Bus v. Pedestrian

Two clients suffered personal injuries following attempts to board a bus. Both incidents were denied by the bus operators and not reported. Achieved settlements of $400,000.00 and $350,000.00, respectively.

  • Automobile Accident

Achieved a jury verdict of $122,108 (plus $23,000 in interest and costs) for a client involved in automobile accident. Pretrial offer was $6,000.00, raised to $40,000.00. Pretrial demand was $75,000.00. 6/2011 LASC Case No. KC057873.

  • School Accident

Client suffered severe leg injury as a result of being struck by security cart at high school. $800,000.00 settlement.

  • Construction Accident

Client was injured when an outrigger of a boom truck gave way due to poor soil compaction. $400,000.00 settlement.

  • Stockbroker Malpractice

Client sustained losses in his account with major NYSE firm due to unsuitable investments, namely high risk technology securities ($321,000.00 verdict/award; no pre-arbitration settlement offers).

  • Legal Malpractice

Client's previous lawyer failed to attend a court hearing due to his belief the case had no value. Client's case was dismissed without her knowledge or consent ($350,000.00 settlement).

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