The Orange County district attorney's office has reported that a trial has started in a case where a man is accused of injuring another motorist in an auto accident. The trial is being held at the North Justice Center in Fullerton, California. The defendant could serve a maximum of four years in custody if he is found guilty of the hit-and-run charge.

Police reports indicate the defendant was speeding on the freeway when he rear-ended another vehicle. The accident pushed the victim's car into the cement divider between the lanes of traffic. According to prosecutors, the driver drove away from the accident scene, parked his vehicle at a nearby shopping mall and called his girlfriend for a ride. However, two days later he admitted he caused the accident to the California Highway Patrol Office. The agency had been looking for him as they had been investigating the collision after finding the damaged car at the mall. The man was driving on a suspended license because he failed to appear in court for an unrelated traffic ticket.

The other driver sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized in critical condition for more than a month. He suffers from continual pain as well as brain and spinal cord injuries. He is immobile and can't speak.

In this unfortunate case, a man has suffered numerous injuries at the hands of a reckless driver. Because of his lengthy hospital stay, the victim's medical expenses have quickly escalated. Although the defendant faces criminal charges, the courts separate criminal and civil charges from each other. With this type of personal injury, a competent attorney can help the family sort through the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Source: Huntington Beach Independent, "Trial begins for man accused of injuring driver," Mona Shadia, July 25, 2012