A Los Angeles County accident left one driver dead and three others wounded after a light rail train crashed into a vehicle. Emergency personnel indicated the man, the lone occupant of the vehicle, passed away at the scene of the car accident.

Three injured men were transported to nearby medical facilities. Their condition was not reported. One woman was examined at the scene. All four individuals were passengers on the train.

In this case, liability in the accident was not immediately known, but there are several questions that investigators will ask to determine who was at fault. How fast were the car and the train going at the time of the collision? Did the train sound its horn? Did the car intentionally go around a crossing arm or some other kind of barricade?

The emotional toll and trauma of an auto accident can be complicated by a mountain of expenses that add to the stress of recovery. An insurance company might offer a quick settlement for the injured person's pain and suffering. However, an initial offer might not cover the many expenses the victims will incur. The job of the insurance company is to tempt people into settling for small amounts of money.

An experienced attorney can review details of hospital bills, physical therapy, additional treatment, lost wages, loss of job opportunities, property damage and other related expenses that result from the accident. Clients who are thinking about accepting settlement offers often benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney so that their rights are protected.

Source: Associated Press, "1 dead, 4 hurt as car, train collide in Long Beach," Aug. 30, 2012