Preliminary reports indicated that an SUV accident on the 405 freeway injured three people after the SUV rolled over in a crash involving three vehicles. The injured people were transported to a nearby medical facility, but their condition was not released. Some freeway lanes were closed for just over an hour. The reason for the accident remains under investigation.

In a multiple-car accident, law enforcement faces the challenging responsibility of determining who was at fault. In some cases, more than one driver will be ticketed and liability will be assigned accordingly. Insurance companies look at the weight of responsibility each person bears when determining payment for any insurance claims.

In some cases, a rear-end collision causes several vehicles to jam into the car in front of them. The damage to property and injuries to people add up quickly. Law enforcement looks at information from witnesses at the accident, police reports, physical evidence and any photographic evidence from traffic cameras.

If there is a question regarding liability issues, the case might go to court to determine who holds responsibility for negligence. Once that issue is resolved, insurance companies and personal injury attorneys might discuss financial settlements.

California follows the law of comparative negligence, which means that the liable person pays according to their level of fault. If the accident victim is somewhat responsible for the accident, he or she must pay some of the associated costs. An attorney with experience in accidents with multiple vehicles and complicated cases can help clients wade through this confusing process and provide legal advice regarding settlements.

Source: Los Alamitos-Seal Beach Patch, "Car Flips on 405, Triggers SigAlert," Paige Austin, Sept. 24, 2012