A car wreck claimed the life of a teen and injured his mother after a hit-and-run accident with a pickup truck at an intersection in Upland, California. Authorities suggested that they believed the driver of the truck failed to stop at a red light, but the accident is still under investigation. The force of the car crash spun the victim's car into a carport of a nearby residence. The young man was killed at the scene and his mother was transported to a nearby medical facility.

The driver of the truck fled the scene, abandoning his vehicle that was wrapped around a utility pole. However, law enforcement personnel found him later at his residence and held him for felony charges of hit and run pending continued police investigation into the accident.

The carport was also compromised along with another truck that belonged to one of the occupants of the home. It took authorities time to clear the accident scene since the car hit the building and did serious structural damage.

In this case, a man has been arrested for felony charges of hit and run. He will face criminal consequences but could also be held civilly responsible for the death of a young man, the serious injuries to the boy's mother and the damage he did to the home and truck parked on the property. A personal injury attorney can review the case and assess costs for a possible settlement. A lawyer will consider property damage, medical expenses and loss of life when arguing for compensation.

Source: The Press-Enterprise, "UPLAND: 13-year-old boy killed in hit-run accident," Richard Brooks, Oct. 9, 2012