A U-Haul truck driven by a woman being directed by her daughter backed into a school bus full of more than three dozen children. The bus landed on its side, and 16 children and the driver were hurt. According to authorities, two of the children, who were transported to a nearby medical facility, received serious injuries. However, everyone who was hurt is expected to survive the truck accident. Ten others were also taken to medical centers, and four were examined and released at the accident scene.

The bus driver was transporting the children, who were between 9 and 11, home after the school day. The truck driver's daughter was apparently giving directions to her mother as the she was backing out of the driveway in the way of the oncoming school bus; there was a miscommunication between the two, according to authorities. The bus driver attempted to veer out of the way but collided with the truck. The bus spun around from the force of the impact and rolled onto its side in the middle of the street. One child sustained a head wound; another student suffered a possible broken bone. Parents came to the scene to retrieve their children.

The driver's apparent negligence as she maneuvered a U-Haul truck led to an accident that injured almost 20. The weight of both vehicles compounded the severity of the crash. The mother might be held liable for her actions, and the victims may be able to receive compensation for the trauma, pain and suffering they have endured.

Source: ABC News, "17 Hurt in Victorville, Calif., School Bus Crash," Oct. 12, 2012