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December 2012 Archives

ID of female victim in San Mateo accident

A passenger was killed on December 13 during the early morning hours when an SUV rear-ended a smaller Honda that reduced its speed because of a flat tire. The Honda sustained significant damage, and the passenger inside the demolished vehicle passed away at the car accident scene despite the intervention of emergency personnel. California Highway Patrol reported that the driver of the Honda engaged emergency lights and apparently took proper precautions, but the SUV following it did not slow down and rammed into the car. The driver of the Honda sustained minor injuries while the driver of the SUV was uninjured. Drugs or alcohol did not appear to contribute to the crash, and no one was arrested for causing the accident.

Investigation continues after crash injures 10

According to reports from the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, 10 people sustained injuries after a wreck involving a truck and two cars. All received treatment at the accident scene, but some were transported to nearby medical facilities. Most of the injuries ranged from serious to minor, although two individuals were particularly seriously hurt. Heavy fog in the area prevented air-medical response; however, at least three fire engines, five ambulances and several law enforcement departments responded to the scene. One individual was trapped in a vehicle for about 30 minutes but was eventually removed by firefighters. The suspected drunk-driving accident happened when a motorist who may have been intoxicated drove across traffic into a truck; another car then hit both vehicles and an individual who was directing traffic in the wake of the collision. Police continue to investigate the accident.

4 people killed, 5 others hurt in head-on collision

According to county sheriff's officials, a collision near Placerville killed four people, including two children and injured five others. The California Highway Patrol reported that a compact car swerved into an oncoming minivan, which caused the head-on car accident between the two vehicles. The deaths included a child who was in the minivan as well as the driver of the compact car and an adult passenger and child. Four other individuals involved in the accident, including young twins and a school-age child, survived. The injured people were quickly transported to area medical facilities.

pedestrian dies after suspected drunk driver hits him

After a serious pedestrian accident, a woman suspected of drunk driving continued over two miles with the man on the hood of her vehicle. Although the victim spoke with emergency personnel and was transported to a local hospital, he later died. Friends of the victim said he was walking home from a local bar when he was hit.Authorities related that the woman panicked even though she knew he was stuck in her hood and windshield. After she hit the victim, she continued driving until witnesses stopped her because of their concern for the welfare of the victim. One bystander took her keys.

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