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May 2013 Archives

Protect Yourself After the Highway as Well as on It

If Los Angeles drivers and others around the country can imagine being responsible for a lethal load of cargo and watching it spin out of control with no power to control it, then you can begin to place yourself in the shoes of one unfortunate driver along the I-5 superhighway. Whether the problem was with his driving, with the infrastructure of the Washington bridge or both, the driver bumped into the steel wall of the structure, and it collapsed, sending his load and two passenger vehicles behind him into the Skagit River.

San Diego truck accident victim sues company

A California man is suing a company that owns a cement truck after the vehicle struck him on Interstate 805. The victim was severely injured in the car accident when he was thrown to the side of the freeway. He has required multiple surgeries and skin grafts to repair the damage and nearly lost an arm as a result of the crash. The victim was hospitalized for a great deal of time after the accident and has accumulated very large medical bills.

Illegal U-turn leads to fatal accident

Officers responded to the scene of a multiple vehicle collision on Thursday, May 9 involving a fatality. Occurring in the early morning hours, the driver of a red Pontiac tried to make an illegal U-turn onto West Roscoe Boulevard in Northridge. The driver was not successful in completing the turn, however, causing an oncoming vehicle to strike another car that flipped, trapping the driver.

Accidents caused by distracted driving seriously underreported

A recent study by the National Safety Council revealed that motor vehicle accident fatalities caused by distracted driving due to cell phone use are often not recorded as such. This leads to the assumption that distracted driving is not a serious issue among drivers, including those in Los Angeles. The facts seem to support the opposite conclusion, however, and recent studies show that the current leading cause of death among teenagers appears to be car accidents caused by distracted driving.

Police seek second driver in auto-pedestrian accident

A California driver faces charges of vehicular manslaughter after a wreck that killed one pedestrian and damaged more than one other vehicle. The auto-pedestrian accident may have occurred in the midst of a race involving at least one other vehicle, according to Los Angeles police. The scene of the accident was Compton Avenue near the 56th Street intersection at around nine p.m., and police have confirmed access to surveillance footage immediately following the accident.The victim was a 57-year-old resident of the neighborhood who lived about a block from the accident. The driver described the accident as part of a confession. The driver admitted to speeding and stated that the pedestrian ran in front of his vehicle. The 18-year-old driver reportedly attempted to brake and avoid the pedestrian. A police investigation of the scene did reveal skid marks, yet police still believe the driver was racing another vehicle. Street racing is not an uncommon activity on Compton Avenue, according to Los Angeles residents.

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