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LAPD chief's hit-and-run crisis

California residents might be interested to hear that LAPD's chief has responded to L.A.'s hit-and-run epidemic. Some people are concerned, however, that his report was more defensive than informative. Rather, the report spends time refocusing people away from L.A.'s failures by mentioning the hit-and-run data in New York, Chicago and Houston.

An article revealed that LAPD's investigations into hit-and-run accidents were lacking unless someone died as a result of the incident. Therefore, some people decided to conduct their own investigations into the pedestrian accidents. According to the story, 48 percent of the crashes in L.A. in 2009 were hit-and-run accidents whereas only 11 percent of all national crashes are hit-and-runs.

Because of the story, L.A. City Hall requested that the LAPD chief report on how his department planned to address L.A.'s hit-and-run crime epidemic. According to statistics, 20,000 hit-and-runs occur in L.A. each year. In those hit-and-run incidents, approximately 92 pedestrians, 22 bicyclists and 40 motorists are killed or injured. However, critics state that the LAPD report uses unorthodox methodology to analyze the data. They also state that the data is manipulated by the LAPD introducing statistics from other cities in the nation.

According to the media relation head for the LAPD, LAPD doesn't make reports for accidents if there are no injuries, if the crash isn't a crime and if no city property is damaged. However, some cities draw up reports for every hit-and-run incident, which gives them a larger overall accident figure and therefore a lower percentage for hit-and-runs.

People who are injured in hit-and-run incidents might decide to file personal injury lawsuits to attempt to get compensation for their injuries. Personal injury lawyers might be able to help people receive money to reimburse them for their medical expenses, lost wages and other punitive damages.

Source: LAWeekly, "Chief Beck's Hit-and-Run Crisis", Patrick Range McDonald, June 20, 2013

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