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SUV crashes into downtown Rite Aid, injuring four

According to authorities, four people were transported to local hospitals following a downtown Los Angeles accident. The auto accident occurred at Fifth and Broadway streets.

Police reported that a person driving an SUV made a wrong turn, hitting two vehicles and several pedestrians before crashing into a Rite Aid store. One of the four people sustained extremely serious injuries. The condition of the other three was not known. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

The four people who were injured in this accident may be faced with expensive medical bills, rehabilitation bills, missed wages and other expenses related to the accident. They may be entitled to financial compensation for their injuries and suffering. If they decide to pursue damages, they may chose to utilize an experienced personal injury attorney to represent them.

When the police investigation is complete, an attorney may be able to use information from the police report to make a claim that the SUV driver was negligent. One argument that an attorney might make is that the driver was reckless in turning the wrong way, causing the accident.

Any person who has been injured as the result of the careless or negligent driving of another person may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, lost wages and suffering. A skilled personal injury attorney may be able to fight in court to seek the maximum possible settlement for an injured client. In some cases, insurance companies will attempt to make a settlement offer that is not adequate to pay for all of a person's expenses. It is not necessary to accept a minimal compensation offer. The case might be brought to court in order to get a satisfactory award.

Source: Los Angeles CBS Local, "At Least 4 Hurt After SUV Plows Into Rite Aid Downtown", June 28, 2013

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