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California chain reaction car accident kills 1, shuts down I-10

A chain reaction crash on Interstate 10 in California killed one person and left at least nine others injured. The fiery car accident forced authorities to close the entire freeway for several hours. Three cars were involved in the initial accident, which led to the further crash of four more vehicles, including an 18 wheeler. One of the vehicles became engulfed in flames in the crash.

Four drivers suffered critical injuries, and five more were moderately injured. Two of the critically injured motorists had to be airlifted to local hospitals for emergency treatment. A Los Angeles County Fire Department official said that some drivers not involved in the crash stopped their vehicles to help those affected. He called their efforts heroic. Firefighters turned their hoses on the fire that consumed a truck in the crash. The truck was carrying wood product and contained 60 gallons of diesel fuel in its tanks. However, explosions reported by witnesses were actually tires popping from the extreme heat of the fire, officials said.

Authorities said that they hoped to have the entire scene of the 8 p.m. crash cleaned up and the Interstate reopened in time for the morning commute. The cause of the initial crash remained under investigation.

Car accident injuries caused by a negligent driver or drunk driver can derail car accident victims' lives. A California attorney, experienced in helping those who have suffered catastrophic injuries in an auto accident, may be able to help. A lawyer well versed in distracted driver and personal injury litigation may be helpful in arranging financial compensation for medical expenses and other damages.

Source: KABC, "I-10 Fwy lanes closed in Pomona by multi-vehicle collision", Melissa MacBride , August 19, 2013

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