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Dozens injured in tour bus crash

Dozens of people were injured when a tour bus that was headed to a casino rolled over on a freeway near Los Angeles. According to reports, the bus hit the rear of another vehicle, causing it to swerve across traffic. The bus was traveling on the 210 freeway when it overturned after breaking through a fence on the right-hand shoulder. The majority of the passengers sustained injuries, and three people traveling in other vehicles were injured as a result of the commercial vehicle accident.

One dead in commercial vehicle accident

A 53-year-old man was killed after being hit by an out of control semi-truck along California Highway 120. Several other people were also injured in the multi-vehicle accident that happened around 3:15 p.m. Causing miles of backed-up traffic, the commercial vehicle accident led to the closure of all eastbound lanes for over three hours. According to California Highway Patrol, alcohol does not appear to have been a factor in the crash.

Sparkly Devil killed in car accident

Early the morning of May 26, a party bus traveling southbound on U.S. Highway 101 was involved in a collision. There were 18 people on the bus. It is believed that a Honda veered out of control, hit the median, then came to rest facing north in the two left lanes. The bus then hit the front of the car. Two other vehicles were involved in the collision.

Protect Yourself After the Highway as Well as on It

If Los Angeles drivers and others around the country can imagine being responsible for a lethal load of cargo and watching it spin out of control with no power to control it, then you can begin to place yourself in the shoes of one unfortunate driver along the I-5 superhighway. Whether the problem was with his driving, with the infrastructure of the Washington bridge or both, the driver bumped into the steel wall of the structure, and it collapsed, sending his load and two passenger vehicles behind him into the Skagit River.

Driver blames zombies for 5-car freeway accident

A 19-year-old man was taken into custody after he caused a southern California freeway accident that injured four people with the semi-truck trailer he allegedly stole. When police questioned the teen about the cause of the commercial-vehicle accident, he told them he was trying elude zombies. A commercial truck driver allowed the teen to hitch a ride after the young man was rendered homeless. When they stopped at an inspection site, the driver stepped out of the vehicle. However, the suspect took off in the 18-wheeler, which was full of strawberries, hitting several vehicles shortly thereafter. 

7 tourists die in Yucaipa bus accident

The city of Yucaipa was reeling from a commercial vehicle accident on Feb. 3 that left at least seven people dead and dozens more wounded. A bus that was carrying the tourists lost control as it hurled down a mountain road, rammed into a car and landed upside down after crashing into a pickup truck that was hauling a trailer. The bus was en route to Tijuana, Mexico, after the tourists spent the day at Big Bear resort. Emergency workers assisted trapped passengers after the tragic accident. The bus driver, who survived the crash, explained that the bus's brakes gave out. Early death counts were as high as 10, and 38 people received treatment for a variety of injuries at medical facilities.

Freeway 60 closed after death in California truck accident

On Jan. 17, 2013, the westbound 60 Freeway in Montebello was closed for about three miles after a semi truck accident between two large commercial trucks and a car resulted in a fatality. Authorities think there were two separate accidents. The car hit the rear of one of the trucks. A short time later, a second truck could not stop and rear-ended the car, where it was sandwiched between the two trucks. It could be speculated that the driver may have survived the first collision but died after he was rear-ended by the second big rig. Law enforcement personnel continue to investigate the causes for the accident, and speed could have been a contributing factor to the crash. The car's driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Commercial vehicle accident on Long Beach Freeway injures 3

Three people were taken to a local hospital after sustaining injuries due to a commercial truck accident, which occurred on the Long Beach Freeway after a tractor-trailer that was carrying asphalt landed on its side.The California Highway Patrol responded to the scene. Authorities reported that the crash was caused after a passenger vehicle switched lanes from the slow lane, compelling the commercial truck driver to swerve, resulting in its collision with a nearby Mercedes. The Mercedes hit another vehicle, which spun and hit the commercial truck. The impact of the second collision caused the tractor-trailer to topple over.

Recent school bus accidents raise questions of safety

Every parent has the right to expect that his or child will arrive safely at a given destination after boarding a school bus. However, four separate school bus accidents this week have left at least three persons deceased and countless students injured.

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